I Am That Girl


I Am That Girl

by Andrea Cabrera Luna

Loosely inspired by The Lady on her Balcony by acclaimed Mexican playwright Elena Garro.

@Netherbow Theatre, Sun 19 February from 17:00-18:00

“I’m not crazy because I believe in things. Yes, I haven’t got a job but at least I see the marvel of the world.”

 Clara is on a quest to find the ancient city of Nineveh, located in modern-day Mosul. As the world around collapses she meets herself at different stages of her life to confront what she chose to forget.

“Remember Nineveh?”

“Are you kidding? You can’t find a job and you want to find Nineveh? Look at yourself in the mirror! You are a grown up woman for Christ’s sake.”

Anahat Theatre combines physical storytelling with an imaginative spirit.

The Company:

Hayley Reid

Wendy Mathison

Adam Tomkins

Artistic Director: Andrea Cabrera Luna

Light Design: Phoebe Ryrko

Graphic Design: Alberto Cabrera Luna

Sun 19 February, from 17:00-18:00 @Netherbow Theatre, 43-45 High Street Edinburgh

Book: https://events.ticketsforgood.co.uk/events/75


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