Yoga has had and continues to have a profound effect on my wellbeing. I have been suffering from PTSD for many years and receiving therapy. It’s only the last few months that I have noticed a real change since continuing yoga once a week. I also feel that everyone has the ability to change, but they have to want to, as it’s not easy. I feel better physically and mentally with huge improvements in relaxation, breathing and meditation. My mind is less busy. The more you put it in the more you’ll truly benefit.

G. C.

Finding your class has been a great gift. I love it.

Phamie Gow, Composer & Multi-instrumentalist

Pure bliss after a busy working day! Thanks Andrea for the great experience!

Sabrina Pfluegner

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop. It was very grounding and relaxing and loved your approach.

Fiona Morris, Herbalist

Thank you so much for the workshop. It was just great, and so well planned and flowing. I really benefited a lot from it.


I just wanted to give you feedback after tuesday’s class which I really enjoyed. I felt like I got a great stretch, I loved the shoulder warm up exercises and the universal pose. I also enjoyed the sun salutation sequence.

Vanessa M., Mum

I took yoga classes with Andrea for over a year and during this time the sessions were exactly what I was looking for in yoga. I was able to allow my body to relax, take time out of a busy life and also to push my body and mind beyond its daily routine. Andrea’s yoga was responsive to the group and the pace was well balanced. I also slept well after the session.

Jack Blake, Graphic Designer and founder of Artouride

I would like to thank you, your classes are fantastic and I really enjoy them.

Tom Walton

I had never been able to do the headstand. Andrea guided me step by step through the practice and voila! I couldn’t believe my eyes, everything looked upside down.

Gaby Miranda, Performer

I suffered from accute sciatica pain and my physiotherapist suggested I should try yoga. I joined Andrea’s class 6 months ago and the pain is completely gone. The way she guides stretches and balancing postures has made me aware of my posture and I’ve noticed that I move more efficiently in daily life. I have also learnt to understand and listen to my body’s needs.

Amanda Leal, Sales assistant