Welcome to Luna Yoga Meditation, we offer a range of evolving yoga practices suitable for people who are searching for integrated, safe and enjoyable ways to keep healthy. Our yoga classes  include Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing) and Relaxation (Shavasana) or Yoga Nidra according to the level of the class. We also provide Meditation and Yoga Nidra courses that help you let go of unconscious tension, heal emotions and awaken inner knowledge.

The style of yoga that we teach is rooted in Hatha and Integral Yoga. Our approach celebrates the whole person; body and mind. This style will help you connect internally and externally, it will boost your energy, reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression. There is an emphasis on meditation and practitioners are encouraged to develop healthy and balanced attitudes towards the body-mind. The atmosphere is a non-competitive one and students can develop the practices to their own capacity.

We love to share Yoga because it:

  • Releases tensions  
  • Alleviates discomfort
  • Increases energy levels
  • Develops concentration and focus
  • Helps you keep healthy
  • Makes you feel happier

We love integrating:

Physical practices

Safety and self-awareness are the priority while performing Yoga postures. The atmosphere is a non-competitive one and you make progress at your own pace. Postures energise your body, develop strength, flexibility and endurance and release tensions from your body and mind. 

Breathing practices

The breath connects the body and the mind. Breathing practices are vitalizing, balancing and expansive of the life force. Integration of body and mind through the breath promotes deep relaxation and releases physical, mental and emotional stress.

Relaxation + Yoga Nidra

Overcome tiredness and free yourself from physical tensions, mental overload, stress and anxiety. Be guided through the much-loved practice of Yoga Nidra, a systematic technique that awakens your creative potential, revitalizes different levels of your being and makes you feel rejuvenated.


Meditation is a great way to manage and prevent stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Cultivate awareness and embrace the present moment with an open receptivity. Through regular practice you will learn to observe yourself and others with kindness, acceptance and equanimity; you will also develop your willpower and the ability to concentrate more efficiently. Eventually you come closer to your real self.

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