Discovering the meaning of peace

I have so many things to be grateful for this year, I have discovered so many things that keep me inspired, for instance I have just discovered that the cat can open the door with his paw (this happened as I was writing I have discovered so many things). I have found new meanings in life (not the meaning of life but rather new meanings in different things in life) that keep me feeling like a newborn self. There is a recurrent dream in my life and that is that I find new rooms in the house where I live. Well, this is happening almost literally, a good friend and I were walking around where I live and she showed me a small garden with many flowers and plants. And she also showed me new routes to get to places in town. The same friend introduced me to Tich Nhat Han and I would like to share this sharp quote on Peace:

“Peace can exist only in the present moment. It is ridiculous to say “Wait until I finish this, then I will be free to live in peace.” What is “this”? A diploma, a job, a house, the payment of a debt? If you think that way, peace will never come. There is always another “this” that will follow the present one. If you are not living at peace at this moment, you will never be able to. If you truly want to be at peace, you must be at peace right now. Otherwise, there is only “the hope of peace some day”. From The Sun, My Heart