Saraha and his master


Sometimes we long for transformation, we would like a change of skin. Despite of this, we cling to what we know as reality, we cling to old habits, old patterns and beliefs. This is totally understandable, because we live in society, we have families, we belong to groups and where does this sense of belonging come from but our beliefs and ways of thinking? Only an act of rebellion will truly bring change. Do we dare to be ourselves? Will our loved ones accept this new person? There is a general deep admiration for rebellious people, but what would happen if we had a close encounter with a Buddha? Would we accept their way of thinking? Would we run away and think they were mad? Would we become followers or would we be able to integrate their sense of truth and freedom?

Something in the presence of Sri Kirti had attracted him; Sri Kirti was a great magnet. He (Saraha) dropped all his learning, he became unlearned again.

This is one of the greatest renunciations. It is easy to renounce wealth, it is easy to renounce a great kingdom, but to renounce knowledge is the most difficult thing in the world. In the first place how to renounce it? – It is inside you. You can escape from your kingdom, you can go to the Himalayas, you can distribute your wealth – how can you renounce your knowledge? And then it is too painful to become ignorant again, to become again innocent like a child.

Osho in The Tantra Experience 

Note: parenthesis is mine.