Say yes to inner calm, say yes to Yoga.

Enjoy increased energy levels, flexibility, strength and body-mind awareness. Yoga is a great way to slow down, our classes are designed to develop a sustainable practice at a pace that feels real and natural. 

Plant the seed of intention and join our Yoga and Meditation classes in Edinburgh; check our timetable to find the class that suits you. 

The style that we teach is rooted in traditional yoga, a combination of postures, breathing, Yoga Nidra and Meditation that will help energise your body, nourish your heart, calm your mind and lift your spirits. We emphasise meditative awareness in the yoga room and we offer tools for relaxation to restore balance in your body and mind.


We offer weekly Yoga Classes for Beginners and Experienced practitioners in Central Edinburgh (at the Healthy Life Centre), Morningside and Bruntsfield (at Morningside United Church). 


Yoga is many many things, not only postures. We offer special  workshops for those who want to go deeper into their practice. Both experienced and beginner practitioners will find our workshops useful. Yoga is timeless, it meets you where you are right now and it only gets better and better.


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