I need to be flexible to do Yoga”

This must be the most heard myth about Yoga, but here’s the good news: if you are not flexible, you are a perfect candidate for Yoga. Actually Yoga practices help you become more flexible and develop strength and endurance. If you are already flexible, chances are that Yoga will help you develop greater balance and coordination. You will deepen your body awareness and you will know when you are pushing too hard and how to put limits to your flexible joints so that you don’t hurt yourself.

I am a man and Yoga is for women”

Is cycling only for men? No.Then why should Yoga be only for women? Having mentioned cycling I must say that men who cycle (or for that matter men who play football, rugby, rowing, surfing or any other sport) benefit greatly from our classes because they help you loosen up hips and hamstrings thus offering a greater range of motion. Ok, I get you, you don’t cycle or practice any sport, so I must conclude that you are an intellectual who spends the day reading books or working in front of the computer. Trust me, Yoga will help you ease mind overload and back pain.

Yoga is difficult”

Yoga is not difficult. What is difficult is to get to your yoga mat. Once you are there, Yoga will take care of you. Luna Yoga and Meditation specializes in step by step instruction and offers gradual progression of the practices. We promise you won’t be trying to do a headstand on your first class, you are in good hands, we know what we are doing. We have been beginner practitioners ourselves and therefore we know what beginners require to do in order to develop flexibility, strength, endurance and confidence.

Yoga is easy”

In order to see the multiple benefits of Yoga you need constancy and discipline. The good news is that  once you discover how good you feel after Yoga, those qualities manifest themselves effortlessly. It is a very organic and natural process; the more you practice the more constant you are. One day, you’ll wake up being this disciplined person you did not know was living inside of you and you’ll suddenly realise: “Wow I have been practicing Yoga every week for a whole year”.

Yoga is the art of becoming a pretzel”

Yoga is about joy, creativity, acceptance and self-knowledge; not about holding pretzel-like postures. Asana, (postures) and pranayama (breath work) help you get to know your body and your breathing patterns. They expand your breath capacity and they also relax the nervous system. When the body-mind is relaxed you have more options in life, you can make decisions in a more creative way. Yoga practices include mantra chanting, meditation and philosophy. The more you practice Yoga the more interesting it becomes, so why not dive deeper?